Writing your first novel… in GIFs

The moment you start writing your novel you’re all like:

I got this


A few pages in you’re like:

Girl I got this


But 10 pages later you’re like:

Writing every word I see


You read it back to yourself and you’re like:

This displeases me


So you take a break to “clear your mind”:

Beach party


And for a while you’re like:

Party time


But then that friend asks you if your novel is going well and you’re all like:

Yeah uh huh


You go home to your roommate:

Anxiety attack


But the next day, you’re back at it:



And there’s more of this:



And this:



And some of this:

Stuffed face


Finally, there’s a first draft and you’re like:

I did the best I could


Your trusty reader friend sends you feedback and it’s not very positive:

Make it stop


Then there’s the editing process:

Drinking under the desk


And more editing:

Throwing the laptop


And FINALLY a final draft:



You send your novel to publishing houses and they’re like:

Have you been drinking drugs?


Five months later and all rejections and you’re like:

I'm poor


So you self-publish on Amazon and there are only 2 sales… and 1 is to your grandma:



And the other writes you a bad review:

Flicking off


But you reread your novel and you’re like:

So touched


And you know, no matter what, you would do it all over:

I regret nothing


So you begin again:

Typing furiously

About Nayia Moysidis

Nayia is an alumna of Columbia University, where she studied Creative Writing and People Gazing. Her interests include Billie Holiday, soft cheese, fresh bread, and good conversation.