What Writers Do With Millions and Millions of Dollars

You’ve heard about the Powerball jackpot by now. Some have been weirdly practical about the situation while others have been freaking pessimistic. However, we’re not about that rational life. Romantic and imaginative by nature, writers dream and believe. In favor of miracles, Writer’s Bloq Team intends to be that 1 in 175,223,510.

Now that we’re all about to be filthy rich, we figured we might as well mentally prepare ourselves. This is what the Bloq Team would do with millions and millions of dollars:

“Buy every pair of crocs off the street, create an enormous bonfire and endanger the species.”

“Get a dragon to carry me to work every day.”

“Buy every Smore pop tart in existence.”

“What about Twinkies?”

“Take a taxi every time I need to come to Manhattan between now and whenever it is that the PATH is fixed. #sigh”

“Rent a studio space. (To put the dragon in, of course.)”

“Trek through Bali until I get eaten by a Komodo Dragon.”

“First class to Japan and live out Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”

“Get dollar signs tattooed on my face and biceps.”

“Own London.”

“Seduce Rick Ross, then buy his fur coat off of him.”

“Hang out with Rihanna.”

“Write? Yeah right. Party.”

By the end of our email thread, we realized we’d all make horrible millionaires. Frankly, it has never been about the money for us writers. Most of us just want to have fun and buy enough time to make up more miracles.

What would you do with millions and millions of dollars?

About Liz Una Kim

Liz Una Kim is a graduate of NYU where she studied Media, Culture, and Communication. She loves dancing, Internet, and dark chocolates. She reads magazines on weekends. @lizunakim