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Writer’s Bloq was founded in 2011 when a certain writer found her novel subject to an unhealthy number of rejections from publishing houses, agencies, and editors. Feeling discouraged and seeking inspiration, she picked up a notebook and a pen and attended a MFA panel in New York City, hopeful that industry professionals would hand her cupcakes and band aids, and share their secrets of how to succeed as writers. But there were no cupcakes or band aids, the chairs were uncomfortable, and panelists were brutally honest about the way the literary world worked: without luck, it takes decades to break into the industry, they said. In the meantime, another career path might be necessary. Sitting next to her, another aspiring writer began to jot down names of middle schools at which she could potentially teach while putting her literary career on hold.

“Enough,” we said. “Why delay?” we asked. So Writer’s Bloq became.

We know writing, in and of itself, is painful enough. And though there is something terribly romantic about the idea of a struggling writer, and whiskey when one can afford it, we also know the additional pain post-internal-writing struggle is excruciating. So you focus on your writing and leave the discovery to us. Because we want to help great writers get discovered. Let’s start with you.

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